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Megan Giglia MBE

Kentish born Megan Giglia MBE suffered an Acute Brain Haemorrhage (Stroke) in January 2013 after walking into A&E with severe headaches, a blood shot eye and stiff neck at the age of 27 years. Following surgery Megan had physical and neurological complications to overcome including Right side hemipleagia, drop foot, epilepsy, dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), dysphasia (speech impairment) and a variety of other neurological issues.

After self-discharging from hospital, Megan took up cycling to increase speed of recovery, improving mobility and gaining emotional strength and self confidence. Using shoelaces Megan tied her hand and foot to the bike manipulating and replicating the movements, only being able to stay upright on bike for a couple of seconds at a time to begin with, which gradually increased over time.

Following on from another set back, Megan sort help from a close friend and her mum Karen gave her a new perspective on life. Megan being a former sports and fitness coach, researched a number of sports, one of which was cycling and saw it as a possible option to be whole again, achieve and inspire.

In October 2013 only 10 months after the Aneurysm Megan attended a British Cycling talent identification day where a variety of informal tests were conducted including a Watt bike test and chance to ride a Track Bike in a controlled environment. This was the start of a six month selection process, where Megan moved up the talent ladder onto the Paralympic Development Programme in May 2014 and quickly progressed to Academy in October 2014.

Megan is now part of the Great Britain Cycling Team, with her debut ride and competing at both the UCI Para-cycling Track Championships in Apeldoorn, Holland and Road World Championships in Nottwil, Switzerland 2015. In 2016 Megan set the standard at the UCI Para-Cycling Track World Championships where she not only took home 2 gold medals but also smashed both of the world records for her races, showing major improvement and being consistent in her riding. Megan's most recent career changing success at the Rio Paralympic Games 2016 has proven her determination to succeed and true passion for cycling, bringing home the first Gold for our country and two World Records has given her the thirst for more. 

Megan is now continuing with her cycling journey with her sights clearly set on Tokyo 2020.

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